fragments de temps #2

NR09, picture by Hengki Koentjoro

The first thing I feel when looking at this photo is fascination, and then worry. By observing the vegetation, I almost expect the palm trees to move and crack at the passage of a big beast lurking in the shadows. The mystic mist coming out of the forest amplifies the mystery of the photo. I can’t take my eyes off the picture, it’s fascinating.

This photo is part of the Noir series, which is so well described on the website of Hengki Koentjoro: “In the sheer absence of light, the shadow throws its sneaky prank and envelopes the scene with copious fine black powder. But the earth remains nonchalant of this little mischief. If anything, the misconduct only adds a dramatic flair to mother nature’s profile, gives her an aloof charisma, and a space for curiosity, as nothing holds the promise of a mystery as dearly as the darkness.”

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