the gentle curves of Frédéric Forest’s drawings

I’ve always been fascinated by Frédéric Forest’s drawings. These bodies are so simple and complex at a time, at once calm and in tension, tender and sensual. Frédéric Forest, it’s a delicate line, emphasizing the bodies, the thoughts, the emotions. He depicts these exquisite bodies in the form of curves, all in finesse and lightness.

The position of the silhouettes poetically illustrates the emotions: waiting, frustration, laziness, desire… It’s a real expression of the body. Without even a face, these lines transmit us so much.

Frédéric Forest - Waiting
Frédéric Forest - Waiting
Frédéric Forest - Waiting
Frédéric Forest's drawing - Standing
Frédéric Forest - Resting
Frédéric Forest's drawing - Resting

I never had a piece of art at home. If I had to choose one drawing to start a collection, it would be the “Woman Sitting — 01 / Etude-209”, drawn on March 20th 2016. I imagine this woman sitting on the edge of a bed, her delicate body near the sheets still marked by sleep. She seems relaxed, she had a beautiful night. The sun caresses her skin, she is appeased – and I am too.

Frédéric Forest's drawing - Woman Sitting 01 / Etude-209

Unfortunately the original drawing is already sold, but – lucky me – this drawing is now available in limited edition. I would like to frame it and expose it in my new apartment. And more generally, I would love to start collecting art pieces. I really like the idea of being surrounded by inspiring pieces at home, and collect it throughout our life, our journey, our meetings.

This is just a small selection of Frédéric Forest’s drawings, visit his website to discover more beautiful silhouettes. And if you’re a lover of the gentle curves of a body, have a look at Benjamin Vnuk photographies. I hope you enjoyed these lines, and wish you full of delicacy.