how to buy your first piece of art

I always thought art was out of budget – only reserved to wealthy and connoisseur people. But I’ve learned that you actually don’t need millions on your account or to run to every art fair to buy your first piece of art and put together an amazing collection. Sure millions can help, but trust me : if you are thinking about collecting art, you can do it whatever your budget is.

There are two scenarios: either you want to buy art as an investment, or either it’s just for yourself, for your pleasure. 

Today art is not something I’m seeing for myself as an investment. Love comes first. I really love everything I buy, and I don’t see myself reselling them later. Another important reason : my studio is so small that everything in it can be seen from any angle of the room. So I have to really enjoy each object of my home, from the most useful to the most decorative. Actually, everything I buy for my home is the result of a crush or of months – or years lol – of research. If you want to buy art as an investment, I would recommend you the following advices, and to set yourself in a speculative state of mind!

Art piece by Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, photo by me, at home

five advices to buy your first piece of art and start your own collection

figure out what you like

Feed your curiosity about art and how you perceive it, in order to respond to those questions: what do you find interesting? what are you looking for in an art work? that it brings out emotions? matches your aesthetic? intrigues you? all that at the same time? identify artistic movements or artists that really attract you. Know what you love. Go to museums, to galleries, watch documentaries, open books, follow art accounts on Instagram or Pinterest, and as soon as an artist or a work catches your attention, do not hesitate to deepen your research, to understand the artist’s approach. Create a link with the art work that interests you. 

save regularly

Start saving as soon as possible – depending of you income of course. By saving frequently, you will be able to break the piggy bank when the right art work will be in front of you. There are many possibilities, you can choose to save a certain percentage of your income each month, to save money you received as a gift, money you made selling old clothes, doing odd jobs, etc. No matter the amont, each saving counts. 

do your research

If you have a precise idea of what you want, do not hesitate to search, again and again. Contact galleries, artists, go to art fairs, etc. There are also several online site specialized : Tappan, Artsper, and some auction houses do online auctions too. But keep in mind that there is no point in hurrying. Sometime it’s better not to rush, you could just wait for the occasion, to fall by chance on a piece you really love. 

don’t think about how it will fit in your home

If you love it, you will always find a place for it. Your decor change, your home change, but if you find an art piece that really appeals to you, that for sure won’t change. And that’s what you should focus on. Your home arrangement will just follows. 

trust your gut

Yes, before to click on « confirm the payment », you may doubt: is it really reasonable? what does this art will bring me? maybe I shouldn’t spend my money in a useless thing? Remember: you saved money for it. You love it. You will be grateful of that purchase when you will see the art work everyday in your home. You will build a collection that works together by buying pieces that you love. That’s the key; love what you buy. No one art collection is the same, and that’s what makes each one so interesting.

How to buy your first piece of art ? Art piece by Benjamin Isidore Juveneton
Art piece by Benjamin Isidore Juveneton

how I bought my first piece of art

I impulsively bought it online, for around 70$. It’s an artwork by Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, in limited edition, numbered and signed. I was following this artist on Instagram for months, always thinking his work was really cool. I was really into his sens of humor and way of thinking, that emanate from his work. And one day, he posted a picture of an art piece that caught my attention. I didn’t though. In 2 minutes, that was done, I had bought my first piece of art : for no occasion, just for me, cause it totally appealed to me. Yay!