the MHC.2 bookcase designed by Yasuhiko Itoh

A design with Italian and Japanese influences

Yasuhiko Itoh was born in 1933 and studied at Waseda University, Tokyo. He then spent several months in the production department of Molteni, one of the leading international furniture manufacturers in Italy. He imagines in particular the prototype of a bookcase with alveolar forms, which will become the MHC.2 bookcase. The work of Yasuhiko Itoh and the design of this piece, considered avant-garde at the time, will be awarded at the 3rd edition of Selective contest in Cantù in 1959 (Terza mostra selettiva – Concorso Internazionale del Mobile 1959). Made of curved wood, this bookcase is both original and elegant.

MHC.2 bookcase

After being produced in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, this creation is now available as an unnumbered standard object in bent wood covered with walnut. The reissue of this piece is part of a larger project orchestrated by Molteni; the Heritage Collection. Molteni & C is reviewing its own story today with an eye on the future. The exhibition Molteni, the creation of the historical archives of the society as well as the Molteni museum, recently inaugurated, were an opportunity to revive the origins of their modernity.

The Japanese and Italian cultures are similar in their love towards wood and its artefacts in all shapes and forms.

Yasuhiko Itoh
MHC.2 bookcase designed by Yasuhiko Itoh
MHC.2 bookcase designed by Yasuhiko Itoh
MHC.2 bookcase designed by Yasuhiko Itoh
MHC.2 bookcase prototype designed by Yasuhiko Itoh

Photos © Molteni & C

What do you think of this bookcase ? Would you love to see it in your living room, full of books ? The style is so cool, I can easily imagine it in a bright apartement, with brut materials – like a concrete floor.

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